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Terms and Conditions of WixBly.com

Before the access and use of this website, it is mandatory to read and grant acceptance to the terms and conditions of this website. Hereby, Wixbly.com describes the TOS for accessing its platform to play games online. This agreement shall remain effective with full force while the use of any of its content or website.

Wixbly.com does not make any promise or guarantee regarding the accuracy of its content, information or data. It also does not offer any guarantee regarding the websites that it links to. This includes any third party links, contextual links, and ads that appear on the website.

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The user of the visitor of this website also agrees to abide by the TOS and privacy policy at Wixbly.com/privacy-policy/ incorporated in reference to the TOS. You also agree to use Wixbly.com in agreement and compliance with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations.

Wixbly.com reserves the rights to terminate or restrict the access of its user in case, the user has been found to violate the TOS or privacy policy enforced by the website. The access of user shall also be terminated or restricted if he/she is found to infringe upon the rights of another person.

The user shall also be terminated or restricted from the use of this website in case he/she is found to be using a fake identity or fake personal information. The access to the website shall be granted only after providing document or proof of identities such as birth certificate or school id submitted by the consent of user/parents/guardian.

The user or visitor of Wixbly.com also indemnifies that wixbly.com shall be considered harmless from any damage or claim in any event caused by the third party or any content that is/or is not part of the wixbly.com.

The user of the website agrees to keep the account information updated all the times. In an event to change/amend/correct any personal or account information, you can contact us vis email at [email protected] In the case of any suspected or unauthorized use of the personal account registered at Wixbly.com, you can contact the administrator via email.

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wixbly.com intends to protect the integrity of its website. However, occasionally it may include or offer third party products or services. The third-party websites are independent entities and have their own privacy policy and terms of services to continue the use of their website. Thereby, wixbly.com is not at all associated with the content or product/services/offers of the third party links.

Please remember that the only way wixbly.com continues to provide free access to hundreds of Unblocked games online is through the display of ads on its website.