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Privacy Policy of

The privacy policy has been documented to ensure the privacy of our users and visitors. The continuous access of our website shows your conclusive acceptance of our privacy policy and TOS provided at this link. Please read the privacy policy carefully mentioned below.

Personal information

Collection of information: To register an account at, the website collects user’s personal information such as Name, email address, date of birth for verification. However, we do not provide any personal information of our users to the third parties.

Use of Google Analytics: Additionally, we use Google Analytics on our website to track the anonymous user information such as user’s nature, time spent on website, bounce rate, average session, source of website access, landing page etc. This information is anonymous and does not reveal any personal information of the user.

Update/Amend/Delete Account: Users are free to register their account on our website. In case of updating, amending or deleting the account information, you can send us an email to [email protected]

Advertising Partners

Google AdSense: is a publisher of Google ads. Every third party advertiser or advertising network has its own privacy policy.These advertisers use technologies such as cookies or JavaScript to analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns. These technologies also help the advertising networks to personalize the ad content according to the user’s interests and needs. does not have any hold on the privacy policy generated by the advertising networks. So to find out the details about the privacy policy maintained by Google AdSense, you can visit this hyperlink.

Other Networks: may also use other advertising networks on its website. The privacy policy and TOS of the advertising networks shall be governed.

Use of Cookies

The third party ad networks may use cookies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. If you want to disable cookies, you can change this setting in your personal browser.

Users below 13 years

Due to the nature and content of our website, we take precautionary measures to protect the privacy of the users that are at least or below 13 years. These users can register their account and information but they shall get limited access to the services of The users after they turn 13 years of age or above shall be accessible to use all the features and functions of our website.

Parental Guidance

Due to the nature of website, as it is accessible for kids, parental guidance is recommended. If you want to delete the account of your kid, please provide and submit the proofs of identity and guidance.

We hereby, shall not be held responsible for any claim, damage or monetary damage due to the loss of grades or decrease student’s performance in studies.

Updated Privacy Policy

Any change, amendment or update in the privacy policy of will be done and notified only on this page. It is recommended to read the Privacy Policy and TOS regularly for any changes or amendments.

These policies have been devised to protect the privacy of our users. If you do not agree with any of the above clauses, then please discontinue the use of and leave the website immediately. If you have a question, please feel free to contact the administrator at [email protected] Contact Us