Angry Snakes Free Online Game -

Play angry Snakes is a amusing .io recreation in that you ought to manipulate and extremely irritated looking snake! you could pick out from a spread of various colorings, however all of the snakes have one aspect in not unusual – their irritated faces! The goal of the sport is straightforward – you must gather the glowing dots which might be scattered across the map and try to ruin the other irritated snakes, much like the gameplay in wormate io. To break other snakes you should go their direction and cause them to crash into you – when you have destroyed an enemy, you may gather their stays and grow even large. the larger you end up, the simpler it is to surround your enemies and damage them! you could also use a pace raise however this boost decreases your mass over time so use it sparingly! are you able to grow to be the angriest snake within the arena and dominate your warring parties?


  • Use your mouse to move the snake
  • Left click to boost speed


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