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About Us – Wixbly.com

Welcome to Wixbly.com, an interactive approach to learning and playing. We have designed this website to provide an unlimited access to free online games.

Wixbly.com is an online unblocked games website that contains numerous games that you can play online without any hassle. We have designed this website specifically to provide a source of entertainment for kids who are looking for activities to be done in their free time. These kids are interested in playing games online. That is why we aim to add more games in our network on a regular basis.

Learn & Play

Wixbly.com is virtually a mine of absolutely amazing and creative games that are nowhere found over the internet.  Our focus is to bring learning, logic and playing together so as to make the learning process interesting and captivating for kids. Learning Mathematics can be difficult for small kids so we have amalgamated mathematics with online learning in the form of online learning lectures, sessions and games to bring out fun and amusement for the kids while learning mathematics and logics.

In addition to this, Wixbly.com also brings other interesting genres of games such as arcade, adventure, role-playing, simulations and logical board games to make it a complete place for entertaining kids and teens in their free time.

Genres of Games

These games make learning easy by not freaking you out. You don’t need to put an extra effort to learn as learning becomes easy when it is combined with playing. We strive to develop brain-training website for kids who want to enhance their thinking and logical skills. These games are full of challenges that requires you to think and then act. All this is done in a fun and an interactive way.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we are offering,

Cool math games

We have cool math games for kids who are interested in learning mathematics in a fun way. By playing cool math games they learn multiplication, fraction, addition, subtraction, algebra, geometry as well as problem solving skills. Hence, Wixbly.com becomes a great platform to learn and enjoy in your free time.

Adventure games

We offer these games on our platform for those kids who wanted thrill and adventure. Experience the best thrilling games online at Wixbly.com.

Role-playing games

This genre is also an interactive way to learn and think. It helps the kid to analyze their personality and choose the characters they want to play. You can create your own character by choosing avatars, eyes, lips, dress, accessories etc.

Board games

These games are fun yet challenging. You can choose the player mode from single to multiple players. These board games are a great way to challenge your mind. You have a large collection of board games to choose from. There are numerous other games available to play for free.

Mobile Optimized Website

Wixbly.com is mobile optimized so you can easily access and play the games online without any trouble. Our website is also powered by all type of devices so you can access the games from desktop, mobile or tablets.

We ensure to provide a seamless gaming experience to our visitors. We do not offer customer support via phone as we only respond via email. For any details or queries, you can submit your questions at Contact Us. Thanks for your interest in Wixbly.com.

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